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Meet Michele

Speaking Skills & Mindset Coach


Glad you're here.


So this is the part where I get to tell you all about myself. It's the uncomfortable part. As an introvert, sometimes I want to blend into the background. And maybe you feel the same way.

However, living your best life isn't a spectator sport. Neither is public speaking. You need to put yourself out there and experience it. I was pushed to tackle my public speaking fear early on. Very early. As a child, my mom was the 4-H Leader. If you don't know what 4-H is, it's a civic club largely found in rural areas. Part of 4-H includes giving "presentations." These 5-10 minute talks were judged. Cue the anxiety theme song! This activity was terrifying for my younger self, yet vital for my future self who now coaches others in public speaking. 


Why would I choose to coach on public speaking of all things? Well, public speaking has served me well in school, career, and as an entrepreneur. And I know embracing the challenge will serve you as well. Does that mean I never feel anxious? Nope. I still feel anxious when I speak. However, I've learned to manage my mind, channel my emotional response, and do it anyway because I know the payoff is worth it.


Good news - it does get easier as you grow your skills and get in your reps. In fact, it can even be fun and gratifying. I've seen many of my clients give talks that change the lives of those who hear them. I want that for you too. You have the knowledge. What you say will make a difference. So...are you ready to step up?  If you are, I can help. And if you've read this far...we are meant to work together! 

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