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It's Your Turn

By all accounts, you’re successful. Your achievements are numerous.

There’s just that one thing…public speaking.

It’s your nemesis.

Even with all your expertise, as soon as eyes are on you, you tense up. Your heart starts racing, you struggle to organize your thoughts, and your words get tangled. You don’t come across as you’d like and it’s frustrating and discouraging. Why isn't your work enough? Why is public speaking part of the gig as you look to advance?

It just is.

Effective communication is imperative if you want to get noticed, grow your business, or advance in your company.  So now's the time to turn public speaking from a liability into an asset. 

Your Message Matters

Confident communicators get noticed. 


Do you want to:

  • Grow your business even faster

  • Stand out in the workplace and get promoted

  • Share your knowledge and impact others

  • Take on a leadership role

  • Shape the world by adding your voice

What if public speaking was no longer a "problem" but simply another way to communicate? An avenue to confidently share your expertise with more people? With a combination of strategies to manage both your mind and your message - you'll be ready the next time a speaking opportunity comes your way. 

Michele Trent

Certified Speaking Skills & Mindset Coach

3-Step Process to Speaker Confidence



If you don't believe you can be a capable public speaker, no matter what speaking tools you learn, you will sabotage yourself with your own limiting beliefs. Changing how you see yourself will change how you present yourself. 


Speaking Skills

As you grow in belief, you'll need to build your speaking skillset.  No more overwhelm at the thought of putting together a message because you "don't know how." Overwhelm keeps you stuck. Following a plan moves you forward. 



As an introvert, you've likely spent a good deal of time thinking about what you want to say. Now it's time to practice in front of someone else. Elevating the stakes will bring out all your "stuff." Don't worry, this is the opportunity to work through whatever comes up. 

Let’s Get Started

Don't worry. This won't be awkward, I'm an Introvert too. Okay, maybe it will be awkward but it's all part of the journey!


Here's what we'll discuss:

1. Where you are today in terms of public speaking.

2. Where you want to be.

3. What stands in the way. 

4. How we might work together.


Your audience is waiting to hear from you.


"Thank you for all your help Michele.

I have worked with many, many coaches over the years, and very few have come anywhere near helping me advance my business as much as you have."

- Peter

“Michele is knowledgeable, skillful and wise in the experience of public speaking. When I look at videos of myself at the beginning of our work together and compare to those at the end the difference is remarkable and amazing. I can't imagine a better coach."

- Mike

“After our coaching session, I thought to myself, heck I can do this! If I can share this message I can exemplify this message too. Thank you, it feels so good to be unapologetic about your own worth, it really does.”

- Plia

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