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You've Got Fans!

You haven't even started speaking but you've already got fans in the audience.

Yes, you! How can this be? Whoever you're getting ready to speak to whether that be in a meeting, podcast, event, or elsewhere...those folks want you to succeed. They are your fans. No one attends a meeting or seminar hoping it'll be a waste of their time. They want you - the presenter - to deliver.

I like to think about it this way because it helps alleviate nerves. Often people are nervous because they fear making a mistake and being criticized by others. It's as if the audience is just waiting to pounce like a dangerous creature. The opposite is true. Your audience wants you to succeed. That means if you lose track of what you're saying or have a technical issue, they will give you grace. Regroup and get back on track. We're all human.

Next time, before you speak, just imagine the audience rooting for you. See their smiling faces, the nods, the cheers when you finish, the pendants with your face on it, being hoisted on their shoulders like Rudy at the end of the football game! Okay, maybe that's a bit much but envisioning your audience positvely responding to you will get you thinking differently. A positive thought about speaking will create a positive emotion and that will result in you coming across with more energy and enthusiasm yourself. And that's a WINNING combination!

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